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Samantha Harvey developed Alternative Horsemanship over the last 25 plus years of working within various facets of the equine industry.  She offers clinics internationally, accepts a limited number of troubled horses for training each year, and teaches lessons to both the competitive and pleasure rider.  

Her varied background includes working with horses in the USA, UK, South America, Caribbean and South Pacific islands. Dressage, Show Jumping, Three Day Eventing, Endurance, Cutting, Reined Cow Horse, Competitive Trail, Race Track prep, working cattle and ranches, colt start, continuing training and many other riding and training experiences has led her to become incredibly versatile in how she presents information to students of all riding abilities.  


Remote Horse Coaching is a great opportunity to learn how to be pro-active, refine the hows and whys of your communication with the horse along with exploring, addressing and changing patterns in your own interactions with your horse.


Initially created as a way to extend support to her clientele spread worldwide, she developed Alternative Horsemanship Remote Hose Coaching. She now helps riders world wide with three different personalized coaching options, daily online support at her Q & A forum on Facebook, live weekly video feeds and webinars. 


Remote Horse Coaching sessions are a way to learn how to refine your abilities, improve your skill set, and learn how to offer your horse the greatest support possible.


Her coaching style applies to both competitive and pleasure riders. This format of learning has been a proven success with folks irrelevant of their chosen riding discipline or years of experience.


Every moment you spend with your horse, you are teaching him something. Why not show up with a positive, pro-active awareness and clear intent in order to create that solid, long-lasting, and rewarding partnership?


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