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      "Changing your story
      will transform your future"

      Samantha Harvey

      Samantha Harvey developed her Alternative Horsemanship training approach over the past 25 years of working within various facets of the equine industry. 


      Her innovative teaching style shared in the Remote Horse Coaching programs, empower students to become the rider they have dreamed of through realistic, pro-active strategies . 


      Equestrians learn to interpret horse behavior to improve the communication with their horse. Remote Horse Coach Samantha Harvey teaches students the skill sets to recognize and make changes in their thought process, patterns and physical behaviors that are limiting riders from achieving their full potential. She helps students set and achieve realistic goals while building the ideal partnership with their horse.  


      There are multiple coaching formats and options to choose from including Individual Programs and Group Memberships.  Students can subscribe to a suitable mentorship level that best fits their lifestyle, time and budget.  It is up to individual to choose the degree of support. From a one time session with Samantha Harvey to on-going support including group webinars, daily motivational and insightful tips, to live weekly #FifteenForFriday video feeds with Q & A opportunities.  If students prefer personalized coaching there are Individual programs to choose from.


      Sam Harvey's horse riding and horse training mental strategies apply to both competitive and pleasure riders. This adaptable format of supplemental horse training and remote horse learning has been a proven success with folks irrelevant of their chosen riding discipline or years of their equine experience. Her students vary on a wide specturm from those facing equine related trauma or fear to those competing at the international level.


      Join her on your journey!