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Phone Consultation
Discuss with Sam during a one hour, private phone conversation your current horse situation, specific questions, goals, issues, etc. Each call is recorded and you will be emailed a mp4 version to replay and learn from in the future.




I can't thank you enough for everything you have taught me... I have learned so much about my horse, myself as a rider, and horsemanship in general from working with you.  I know my horse and I still have a long way to go in our relationship, but after that peaceful "moment" that we shared today, I couldn't stop smiling - Ninja and I are finally headed in the right direction!    Thank you, Lauren CO

Equine Partnership- 3 Part Series
Private telephone coaching opportunity with Samantha Harvey to address fundamentals to build a solid foundation with your leading to an ideal  and rewarding partnership. This three part series is designed for each session to build upon the next. You will receive specific insight and instruction, then work with your horse, then more layers will be added to your skill level. Each session will allow increase your confidence, give you specific "tools" to effectively communicate with your horse and to learn how to have a quality conversation. Each call is recorded and you will receive a mp4 version of the call to replay at your convenience.
$150 first session
$80 for the second and third sessions




I feel that she has really opened my eyes and given me a brand new and exciting way of RIDING my horse. I have competed for the last 15 years or so and with some nice success but, I realize I only rode to compete if that makes sense. I told Sam that I really didn't like riding by myself, basically keeping my horse legged up and in shape to compete but what I realized in riding with Sam in just a short time is that most of that riding was mindless and realized that I was missing the best part! I am never by myself if I ride with my horse and pay attention to "every step". I never get bored on the contrary rather am amazed at how much she was communicating to me that I missed totally. I am so looking forward to bridging that gap between myself and my horse more which will make us both happier! These are amazing animals that we have the opportunity to be engaged with and it is truly a blessing! Kim P. AZ


Video Evaluation, Assessment & Instruction
Upload a 30 minute video to YouTube of you and your horse in either a mounted or unmounted session(s). Include information such as goals, experience of rider/horse combo, illness/lameness issues, etc. If you are riding in your video please wear light colored clothing. At the beginning of your video please clearly state your name, your horse’s name and your location.

Sam will review the video prior to your consult. Then you will receive a private, one-hour phone call where she will share her insight as you BOTH watch a replay of the video. This will allow her to share specific insight and for you to hear the instruction as you watch the video clip. You will recieve a mp4 version of the consult that will be emailed to you and available for you to replay at your convenience.

Unsure how to upload a video? Click HERE for an easy tutorial!





Thought I should tell you, though, how often I use the tools you give us.  Feeding, leading, loading, riding, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, I'm far more aware of what my horses are feeling and thinking, which (as you obviously know!) leads to better communication and a positive outcome.  I think the loading moments are my favorites...where is the brain?...come back to me!...oh, hello, you wanted what?  Thanks for expanding the horizons of both me and my horse. Marilyn WA

Terms and Conditions:
PLEASE ALLOW two (2) business days after you have made your payment to receive a confirmation email from Alternative Horsemanship to schedule a suitable time to speak with Sam.

We will then schedule your session time and confirm via email confirmation along with calling instructions at that point.

Due to Sam's limited time availability, you will have a five minute grace period from when the call is scheduled to begin, to call, or you will omit your session. 


If you need to reschedule a planned consult, please give atleast 24 hours notice via email, prior to your originally scheduled session time.


There is no fee to reschedule; if you do not give notice you will forfeit your time and no refunds are given.

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