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Experiencing Groundwork & Horse Challenges?


"My horse is difficult to catch..."


"The more I do with my horse, the worse he behaves..."


"I feel like my horse progress is 'two steps forward, then four back' every time I ask more..."


"I can't exactly explain 'what' specifically is wrong as my horse is always obedient, but I know he is always carrying tension..."


"I am always wondering what my horse will do next..."


"My horse is great most of the time, as long as he has his buddy horse around..."


"I was making so much progress with my young horse, and now he wants nothing to do with me..."


"Years later, I am still having issues trailer loading my horse..."


"My horse is great at home, but if I haul him anywhere, it becomes a nightmare..."

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The History of The Remote Horse Coach


Alternative Horsemanship™ was developed by Samantha Harvey based on her horsemanship journey and horse training philosophies over the past three decades of working with various competitive and pleasure riders worldwide. 


Beginning in 2014, Sam expanded her in-person equine teachings by becoming The Remote Horse Coach, an innovative horse coaching service creating online and distance equine learning options. Her goal was to offer ongoing support, instruction, and teaching to equine enthusiasts without in-person horse learning access.


Can Remote Horse Coaching help me?


The Remote Horse Coach's intention is to help bridge the gap of potential miscommunication and misunderstanding between horse and rider. She teaches practical and realistic skillsets to help equestrians worldwide improve their horsemanship, recognize patterns and habits that limit their equine partnership, and replace them with strategies to create successful, trust-based horse relationships.


Students build their confidence, become proactive in their equine communication, and learn to understand horse communication by deciphering the difference between the symptom and root cause(s) of unwanted horse behavior. Focusing on this improves the horseback rider's ability to recognize, assess, understand, and address equine behavior in a manner that has value to the horse. This builds safe and rewarding partnerships that increase the horse's willingness and reasonable behaviors.


Sam has developed innovative distance horse learning services to help students of all experience levels.

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"Thank you once again, Sam! Whenever I read your posts or listen to you, I am reminded of things that I either overlook or forget to think about. You are amazing!" Tammy P, USA


"The success I’ve had is mind-blowing. Truly. They were always so good for me and I could basically do anything with them but the guilt I used to feel before I talked to you was awful. Now, I let go of the guilt... I am sooo happy! So - a huge THANK YOU!!!!!" Julie O, USA


"I completed one of Sam's Equine Behavior Courses in June and was really impressed with the presentation, which was easy to understand and immensely enjoyable. She is very thought-provoking and it has led me to consider the conversation my horse has to off and listen for his responses. Thank you Sam." Chantelle J, UK


Where do I start?


Students can subscribe to a suitable horse learning mentorship that fits their lifestyle, time, and budget by choosing from group or individual coaching options.


Unsure of where to start? Many new students begin with a personalized equine-related intro telephone consultation ranging from 15 minutes to an hour-long session. 


Free, weekly horse learning videos in the Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series, focus on improving the equine partnership. Subscribe to the the Alternative Horsemanship YouTube channel for notifications of these videos other horse content.


The Remote Horse Coach Video Catalog offers choices from daily, weekly, monthly, or annual rentals and subscriptions to horse behavior courses, anxious rider classes, horseback rider skill refinement, and horse rider mindset webinars.


Sam has over 3,000 horse learning videos shared across her multiple social media platforms. Prefer reading? Check out her internationally recognized blog with over 1,000+ horse-related learning articles that for the past 17 years has weekly horse learning insight.


Join Sam in her semi-monthly horse teaching livestreams offered in the Alternative Horsemanship Locals Community.


Unsure of where or how to start? Visit the FAQs page.