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Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey the Remote Horse Coach developed her horsemanship training philosophy and equestrian coaching practices over the last three decades of working with a variety of riders, horses, competitive, and pleasure, worldwide. Her innovative distance and online horse learning courses and opportunities empower equestrian students to evolve into confident, pro-active horse enthusiasts by learning to recognize and understand horse behavior, improve their ability to communicate clearly with their equine partners, and build confidence through personalized online horse instruction. Sam teaches practical and realistic skillsets to help equestrians improve their horsemanship, recognize patterns and habits that limit their equine partnership, and helps replace them with horse training strategies to create successful, respectful equine partnerships. 


The online and distance horse learning Remote Horse Training Programs offer Individual and Group options.  Students can subscribe to a suitable mentorship level that best fits their lifestyle, time, and budget.  Individuals may choose the degree of support ranging from a one-time equine-related telephone consultation with Samantha Harvey to on-going guidance via horse webinars, online horsemanship clinics, daily horse training tips, horse instruction behavioral videos with Q & A opportunities. 


Sam Harvey's equestrian and horse training tactics apply to both competitive and pleasure riders. Her adaptable distance learning format can be used to supplement a rider's current horse training program or used by itself. She has had proven success in working with a variety of equestrian students worldwide, irrelevant of their chosen riding discipline or years of horse experience. Her students vary on a wide spectrum from those facing equine-related trauma or fear to those needing the mental edge when competing at the international level. To read more on her how she developed her approach click HERE.


Samantha Harvey the Remote Horse Coach's unique teaching style is unlike the mainstream approach in traditional lessons. She teaches on a personal level, addressing each unique horse and rider partnership, and adjusts how and what she teaches to best suit the individual scenario. Sam's goal is to help rider's on their journey and bridge the gap of miscommunication and misunderstanding between horse and rider.


Through the Empowered Equine Partnership Series, Sam teaches students how to eliminate Rider Mind-Set Mayhem™ and help fearful, anxious, and defensive horse riders replace the burden of their negative thoughts with pro-active thoughts, emotional balance, and physical clarity in their ride.


Chances are you've found this site wanting more than "just another instructor." Give yourself and your horse the gift of knowledge, join her today in an intro telephone consultation session, and enjoy the journey of learning with a supportive, non-critical, realistic equestrian coach. 

Recent Testimonials:
"My biggest takeaway was a profound realization that our horses need our support, guidance, and direction amidst the chaos in their heads that manifests as “busy-ness” or unwanted behaviors. Supporting our horses and redirecting their thoughts during those insecure moments, instead of critiquing them, teaches them that they can trust the human to be there for them. Trust that the human is worth following. When They can trust that you are looking out for them emotionally, mentally, and physically, a true partnership can develop with your horse. Now to go and do my best with each horse I interact with to apply these principles. I want to be worth following. Thanks!" Jenni B, FL, 2020


"I completed one of Sam's Equine Behavior Courses in June and was really impressed with the presentation, which was easy to understand and immensely enjoyable. She is very thought-provoking and it has lead me to consider the conversation my horse has to off and listen for his responses. Thank you Sam." Chantelle J, UK, 2020



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