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Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey the Remote Horse Coach developed her horsemanship training philosophy over the past three decades working with a variety of both competitive and pleasure riders worldwide. 


Sam wanted to expand her in-person teaching with innovative distance and online horse learning courses and personalized horse instruction to empower remote equestrian students to evolve into confident, pro-active horse enthusiasts by learning to recognize and understand horse behavior, improve their ability to communicate clearly with their equine partners, and build confidence through personalized online horse instruction.


Through a variety of online horse learning options and personalized distance teaching, students can subscribe to a suitable mentorship level that best fits their lifestyle, time, and budget.  Individuals may choose from a one-time personalized equine-related intro telephone consultation with Samantha Harvey to both short and long-term distance and instruction. Students can also enjoy improving their horse skills through a multitude of options such as horse webinars, online horsemanship clinics, free Facebook daily horse training tips, horse instruction videos, fearful horseback rider horse coaching courses, and equine behavior video series.


Samantha Harvey the Remote Horse Coach offers a unique, personalized teaching style addressing each horse and rider partnership, and adjusting how and what she teaches to best suit the individual partnership. Sam's goal is to help bridge the gap of miscommunication and misunderstanding between horse and rider. She teaches practical and realistic skillsets to help equestrians improve their horsemanship, recognize patterns and habits that limit their equine partnership and replace them with horse training strategies to create successful, respectful, rewarding relationships. 


Visit the Alternative Horsemanship YouTube channel for free weekly episodes in the Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series or check out the 165+ Horsemanship Coaching Video Catalogue with daily and weekly rentals, or monthly subscription options.


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Recent Testimonials:

"I completed one of Sam's Equine Behavior Courses in June and was really impressed with the presentation, which was easy to understand and immensely enjoyable. She is very thought-provoking and it has led me to consider the conversation my horse has to off and listen for his responses. Thank you Sam." Chantelle J, UK, 2020



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