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    Samantha Harvey developed her Alternative Horsemanship training approach over the past 25 years of working within various facets of the equine industry. 


    Her innovative teaching style shared in her Remote Horse Coaching programs, empower students to evolve into confident, pro-active horse enthusiasts. 


    Equestrian students learn how to interpret horse behavior and improve communication with their horses. Horse trainer Samantha Harvey teaches students practical and realistic skillsets to recognize and evolve their mental approach, notice their own patterns and habits that are limiting them from achieving their full potential. She helps riding students set, implement and achieve realistic goals while building an empowering equine partnership.  


    The Remote Horse Training Programs have Individual and Group Memberships options.  Students can subscribe to a suitable mentorship level that best fits their lifestyle, time and budget.  It is up to the individual to choose the degree of support. From a one time session with Samantha Harvey to on-going support including horse webinars, online horsemanship clinics, daily horse training tips, to live weekly #FifteenForFriday video feeds with Q & A opportunities. 


    Sam Harvey's equestrian and horse training strategies apply to both competitive and pleasure riders. Her adaptable format can be used to supplement a rider's current horse training program or used it by itself. She has had proven success in working with a variety of students, irrelevant of their chosen riding discipline or years of horse experience. Her students vary on a wide spectrum from those facing equine-related trauma or fear to those competing at the international level.

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