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Remote Horse Coach FAQs

Distance horse learning questions

Where should I start? 

Beginning with an Intro Telephone Consult that ranges from 15 to 60 minutes can be a great way to discuss your scenario with Sam and start to break down what aspects of your equine partnership need to be addressed to best help you and your horse.


I'm not technologically savvy, how do I record a video?

All you need is a smartphone and wifi! Here is a step-by-step Video Tutorial on how to film, compress (for faster uploading,) and upload a video for your session.


Will anyone else see my videos?

No. If you click the Video Tutorial link above, it helps you create a YouTube account and explains how to keep all videos private.


Does this type of coaching require more than one session?

Sam works with a variety of distance horse coaching scenarios, from one-time consults to ongoing support, whatever works for your life she is happy to assist you with.


What level of horse experience do I need to have?

You can be a total novice or have decades of experience, Sam teaches horse enthusiasts of all levels.


How will I remember everything you teach or discuss?

Whether having a Telephone Consult or Video Teaching Lesson, all sessions are recorded. You will be emailed a link with a recording of your learning experience to replay as frequently as you would like.



Horse Behavior Alternative Horsemanship Quote

"Initially, I was unsure about how much I could learn without you teaching me in person. But I have to say, I actually realized by creating videos of myself, and having you teach and discuss them, I was able to absorb so much more because we had the ability to pause, and go in-depth with you being able to break down the things I was missing or not understanding. I'm so thankful I tried something I never would have imagined being such a crucial learning option that has completely changed the relationship I have with my horses." Jackie, USA 2022