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With 1,450+ members participating in five different continents, you can now join the FREE horsemanship group coaching forum where Samantha Harvey shares her Alternative Horsemanship approaches and horse training theories. She offers weekly horse articles, horsemanship approaches, addresses the equestrian's mental approach, and more. From daily tips to group discussions, Q & A, join her in the closed group Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey: Remote Horse Coach for a non-judgemental and supportive online, distance horse learning experience.


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There are a variety of options for a deeper engagement in online horse learning and training courses and classes teaching about equine behavior, horsemanship courses, weekly horse-related webinars, the equestrian's mental approach, horse liberty, and training videos.

Whether you would like to supplement your current horse riding lessons, want to overcome experiencing fear or anxiety when horseback riding, desire to improve your horsemanship, have a goal to refine your horse riding mental approach, opt to expand your horse skill-set and knowledge base, the Remote Horse Coach Samantha Harvey shares over three decades of knowledge and equestrian coaching and horsemanship training experiences.


Her approach teaches equine enthusiasts how to become pro-active, confident, and clear, offering realistic and proven horsemanship skills that improve the equine partnership. Other group horse learning videos will address a variety of topics including horse behaviors, the rider's mental approach, confidence-building tactics, biomechanical & more!

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