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Horse Webinar Series

Mindful Horsemanship Significance Series: Three-part webinar taught by Samantha Harvey addressing common challenges faced by equine enthusiasts. Whether you are a fearful or anxious rider, find yourself losing focus, unsure of how to overcome the plateau you have reached with your horse, or would like to refine the quality of interaction, this course is for you!

Session 1- Trigger Thoughts limiting our Horsemanship
Session 2- Balance in our Behaviors
Session 3-Pro-active Participation

Learn to understand Horse Behavior. Change your Patterns. Learn to build trust.  Sign Up Now


Empowered Equine Partnership Series

Your mind influences your emotional perception and physical experience in the time spent with your horse. Learning to recognize unwanted patterns in your thoughts, what your mental triggers are and the undesired emotions that follow, why you are fixating on potential negative outcomes, and how to replace your Mind-Set Mayhem with Mindful Pro-Active Behavior. Each session you will receive specific insight and instruction, with the following one building upon the previous. This helps you improve and refine your skillset. You will be taught specific "tools" to effectively communicate with your horse, and learn how to have quality Conversations. Each call is recorded and you will receive a .mp3 version of the call to replay at your convenience.
$90 first session, $80 for the second and third sessions, $75 for all future sessions SIGN UP NOW

"Reading the Horse" 7 Video Equine Behavior Course

If you've ever felt surprised, unsure, or even overwhelmed by your horse's behavior, this course is for you. Samantha Harvey will use seven horses of various breeds, training, and ages in demonstrations in scenarios to display how the animal’s thoughts and emotions are reflected in their physical behaviors. You will receive a daily email with a preface as to that day's topic. It will contain a link with Sam offering voiceover teaching during each 17-minute video explaining and breaking down what to look for in the horse and what it means, to help you understand, address, and support the horse in a variety of situations. $70 Enroll HERE


 Horse Help Phone Consultation

Problem-solving with Online and Distance Learning Horse Coach Samantha Harvey. One-hour, private, telephone consultation addressing your horse-related challenges, specific questions, goals, issues, etc. Each call is recorded and you will be emailed a .mp3 version to replay and learn from in the future.
$90/session. Multi-session purchase discounts: 2 Sessions $80/session, 3 Sessions $70/session  SIGN UP NOW


Horsemanship and Horseback Rider Video Evaluation, Assessment & Instruction

Upload a 30-minute video to YouTube of you and your horse in either a mounted or unmounted session(s). Sign up for the session (there's a place to add your YouTube link.) Sam will review the video prior to your consultation. Then you will receive a private, one-hour phone call where she will share her insight as you BOTH watch a replay of the video. This will allow her to share specific insight and for you to hear the instruction as you watch the video clip. You will receive an mp3 version of the consult that will be emailed to you and available for you to replay at your convenience.
Unsure how to upload a video? Click HERE for an easy tutorial!
$150/session or $125/session when purchasing two or more  SIGN UP NOW


Distance Individual Horsemanship Learning


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