Online and Distance Horse Learning


Horsemanship Courses, Horse Webinars, Equine Consultations, Groundwork and Rider Video Coaching

Group Membership Coaching

Sign up with Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey the Remote Horse Coach for a variety of online horse learning opportunities and options in a variety of individual and group distance horse training programs.

From horse webinars to online horsemanship courses, horse video coaching to equine-related telephone consultations, there are both short and long-term remote horse coaching choices. If you are a fearful or anxious horseback rider, you might prefer to enroll in the Empowered Equine Partnership series.


Would you like daily horse articles?  Join the Alternative Horsemanship Facebook group where Sam shares her three decades of horse training and coaching in her horsemanship posts. Whatever your time and budget and interest, there is an online equestrian learning opportunity for you!


If you are unsure of where to start your online horse learning experience, feel free to EMAIL Remote Horse Coach Samantha Harvey. There's also the option of the Intro Consultation ranging from a 15-60 minute telephone consult.