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It often helps to have gentle daily reminders of horse insight to encourage equine enthusiasts to understand and address horse-related problems, challenges, fears, or questions they might be facing. Sam's goal is to create a safe learning environment on whatever platform you choose to improve your horse skills. Join The Remote Horse Coach Sam for horse rider mindset webinars, equine behavior courses, horse problem-solving videos, and more.


Remote horse coaching and learning options include watching her Dear Sam: Horse Help Series on YouTube, reading posts on social media platforms, participating in daily discussions via her private Alternative Horsemanship Facebook group, subscribing to her horse teaching blog, or enrolling in a video course.

Here are some of her distance learning horsemanship links to start your journey of discovery and refinement to improve your communication with the horse, raise your awareness of equine behavior, build horseback rider confidence, and motivate you on your horse journey: Facebook Group, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTokVideo Catalogue, Locals LIVE EVENTS, and Blog



Click this LINK  to learn about the in-person Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey learning opportunities.

Join her at the Oakzanita Ranch winter/spring series in Descanso, CA, audit the ALL-NEW Demo Daily clinics in Idaho, and participate in the Full Immersion Horsemanship Clinics at The Equestrian Center, LLC.