Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey

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Helping Horse Riders Improve the Equine Partnership

Equine enthusiasts share their Alternative Horsemanship the Remote Horse Coaching experiences from participating in online horsemanship courses, horse webinars, distance learning horse behavior videos, online horseback rider coaching, video lessons, and telephone consultations.


"Sam, thank you for the time you gave me and all the insight and information you shared. Little by little I am beginning to assimilate more and have it go "over my head." I am so excited to go to the barn tomorrow and continue my quest with a bit more understanding to help my horses truly feel safe and strengthen our partnership."

Yvonne C 2023


"I love how you share your knowledge and have learned so much. Instinctively I have always listened to my horses but sometimes I am not sure what they are trying to say and rather than assume I try to stay open so I they can continue to have a voice. Your instructions have helped me better understand them. I am so grateful."

Katie M 2023


"Thank you for enlightening me and all of us about a more holistic and respectful approach to working with the horse." 

Debra 2023


"I love that I can replay our sessions; you offer so much information it helps me have time to revisit what you shared so that I can absorb all the information and be more clear for my horses. Thank you!"

Janet 2023


" I couldn't believe how much insight you had into me and my horse's situation. I've been to so many 'big name' trainers and yet was still feeling overwhelmed and stuck... and a bit bullied. I had so much self-doubt because I knew something was being missed with my horse. Thank you for helping me gain perspective that trusting my inner voice and slowing down to address, as you say, 'the holes' in our relationship. He has completely changed his attitude in just a few weeks. No one can believe it is the same horse. With gratitude," Francis, Wellington, FL, USA 2022


" After watching the 'Reading the Horse' behavior course, I’ve been working to help Chapo stop anticipating what I’m going to ask of him which has in turn helped him to release tension and drain some of his defensiveness towards me and my asks. Today was his 13th birthday and a pretty successful session. Just wanted to share a small celebration we’ve shared after applying what I’ve learned from you." Tori, CA, USA 2022


"To everyone who is interested in Improving Communication with Their Horse, I just completed 5 sessions with Samantha. Sam is so good at knowing just how to help you be clearer, more direct, and get your directions to the horse in a way that doesn’t cause your horse “to want to go away” from you. The calm teaching approach has meaning for the horse and human. It takes time to learn this new approach, but it’s SO WORTH IT!" Barbara, USA, 2022


"The first video of the Mindful Horsemanship Significance Series is rich in information. I am glad I get to review it and will listen next time taking notes. Just finished the second video, again, enjoyed today's session very much~Peggy, CA, USA 2021


"Thank you for this mindfulness webinar. I wish I could have been there live but appreciate the option to watch later. We are new horse owners and I have been taking things slow with my interactions but also don’t want to do anything wrong, haha. I look forward to interactions with my horse but I know I get excited inside to make connections and may overstep the intentions that I initially set out to make. I hope I can start off with more clarity but it’s also interesting how we humans can get into that grey area so easily. I plan to watch these videos again this week and take notes for gentle reminders to start fresh each time. I know I have a lot to practice to bring my awareness into focus, clear my mind, gain confidence and work towards gaining the trust of my horse. Thank you so much." Sarah, WA, USA 2021


"Your talks are inspirational, practical, and instructive. I can imagine as you describe — and want to raise my game." Betsy, MA, USA 2021


"Thank you for all you do for horses and their humans, and all you generously share through Facebook. I’ve learned a ton via your free offerings (writings and video clips) and taking your Reading The Horse online horsemanship course. I really look forward to working with you much more closely in the future." Kelley, ID 2020


"I think of Sam as a gifted translator between horses and humans. She’s able to show you what your horse is thinking through their carriage, breathing, and behavior. What I have learned from Sam is that the physical follows the mental which is very eye-opening coming from a traditional riding experience. This is so different from the conventional trainer who is ONLY focused on the physical." Vanessa, FL 2020


"I have worked with a lot of trainers but once I audited one of Samantha's classes I was hooked. It was and continues to be the best training for me and my horse. So blessed to have found her." Theresa, CA 2019


"Having tried several trainers, I was on the verge of replacing my gelding. He would become defensive and refuse to go forward, start spinning, backing, or bucking at the lope. Other trainers had tried to "ride the buck" out of him. This only made him more resentful and insecure. I tried everything, from chiropractic treatment, replacing his saddle pad, changing his feed, and starting over on the ground. However, riding him into a lope was beyond my comfort level and he would buck going into the lope even on the ground. Sam not only had the patience to help me rebuild his confidence but gave me tools to help him as well. Now I have a horse that is learning to trust again and thanks to Sam, when he gets stuck, I can help him through it. Sam's approach is very effective and I have learned so much from her. I look forward to continuing to work with her and my horse". Amanda, UK Spring 2019


"Samantha Harvey has helped me with my horses for many years. She has given me the ability to relate to them in a new way that has let me slow down and take the time to address the underlying holes in their training. It has been very rewarding and I can see new interest and partnership with all of my horses. I look forward to working with my horses and seeing what we can accomplish!" Laura, AZ 2018


"I have been riding and owning horses since I was 7 yrs old starting in 1976. I did most of the horse training myself learning via books and at various clinic lessons. Until I had some traumatic horse accidents these past five years, I realized, finally, that I was missing something and needed to approach the horse with a fresh attitude. I was ready to totally give up on my mare! Luckily, I heard of Sam and started working with her 3 years ago. I realized I lacked the profound knowledge needed to truly bond with my horses. To speak their language. To teach them to fully trust me and my leadership. My mare and I have a whole new relationship now. It's wonderful! We both look forward to being with each other. We slowed everything down, took a deep breath, and went back to basics. I am so thankful for Sam and her gentle, knowledgeable wisdom- Jemmie is thankful too!♡" Cassandra, CA 2018


I feel that she has really opened my eyes and given me a brand new and exciting way of RIDING my horse. I have competed for the last 15 years or so and with some nice success but, I realize I only rode to compete if that makes sense. I told Sam that I really didn't like riding by myself, basically keeping my horse legged up and in shape to compete but what I realized in riding with Sam in just a short time is that most of that riding was mindless, and realized that I was missing the best part! Kim, AZ 2016


I can't thank you enough for everything you have taught me... I have learned so much about my horse, myself as a rider, and horsemanship in general from working with you.  I know my horse and I still have a long way to go in our relationship, but after that peaceful "moment" that we shared today, I couldn't stop smiling - Ninja and I are finally headed in the right direction! Thank you, Lauren, CO 2015


Thought I should tell you, though, how often I use the tools you give us.  Feeding, leading, loading, riding, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, I'm far more aware of what my horses are feeling and thinking, which (as you obviously know!) leads to better communication and a positive outcome.  I think the loading moments are my favorites...where is the brain?...come back to me!...oh, hello, you wanted what?  Thanks for expanding the horizons of both me and my horse. Marilyn, WA 2014