Remote Horse Coach

Alternative Horsemanship with
Samantha Harvey

Unfamiliar with how to "upload" a video? Here's a quick tutorial. Once you set up an account, uploading the video will be a fast and easy way for me to help you and your horse on your journey!

Hints for filming- Wear light clothing. If in an arena, have the person filming stand in the middle. Make sure there is enough light that I can clearly see you and your horse.

1) You'll need your phone & someone to film you/your horse


2) Create a Youtube account.

Instructions on creating an account click HERE

To make the account setting private click HERE


3.) Upload a single 30 minute video or several short video clips with a total of 30 minute viewing time.


4.) Sign up for a Video Consultation session with me HERE   We schedule a time for the consult and you'll receive call-in instructions.


5.) I watch your video prior to our call.

6.) Then we both watch the video WHILE I'm offering insight and instruction- that way you can see what I'm referring to as I'm teaching.


7.) You receive a .mp4 downloadable copy of the phone consult so that you can review anytime you like!


Video Upload Tutorial